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Let’s talk about Revit Lookup, the interactive Revit BIM tool that allows you to explore your data. If you’ve ever had a conversation with me about BIM, you understand that I put most of my efforts towards data within my Revit models. Yes, Revit can produce clean drawings and beautiful renderings, but data within our models is what sets us apart from our predecessors. Revit Lookup is one of the most powerful Revit add-ins for reviewing said data, giving its users the capability to view most of the raw database including several data points that are typically not visible from the frontend. In the screenshot below, you can see that Revit Lookup exposes element data such as element ID, the BoundingBox (x, y, z coordinates), the level ID, and location. All of which are available through the Revit API, but otherwise invisible to the end users. See also nice video from Belinda Carr / 24.01.2020 here : video

09. DYNAMomomo

What about DYNAMO November 2016
First free DYNAMO bridge in Germany after Trump / inspired by Zach Kron

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Setting out geometry for a fancy pedestrian bridge from scratch in Dynamo. I will follow this up with clothing this in Revit structural framing, and flexing.