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12. Best PC for REVIT

What’s the best PC for R? June 2017
The truth about chips by Ryan Lenihan

Last month, AUGI magazine ran an article titled What is The Best Computer for Revit, although the article goes into what management, the ‘superstar’ and the user requires, to be frank some of the advice within was absolutely terrible. The final paragraph states:



11. Google Drive as REVIT SERVER

Google Drive as RS? March 2017
Revit Server easily-feel free / inspired by

Looking for an affordable alternative to Revit Server? You might just be in luck.

I published a post recently talking about the process for using Google Drive as a Revit Server. It was a somewhat crude method, but it got the job done.However, there might be a more effective method just yet. Jeffrey Pinheiro put together a post recently outlining the methods he and his team implemented for creating a $300 Revit Server to host workshared Revit files in a multi-location setup. This seems like a great solution, and the best part? It’s totally affordable.

If you are looking for creative solutions to multi-location collaboration, I think this is a really great place to start.
Happy Revit-eering.

10. BIM Guidelines from VDI

PURSUIT RACE after false start /January 2017
New guidelines in BIM from the german VDI association ( Verein Deutscher Ingenieure ) in the early days of 2017.
VDI BIM Richtlinie Blatt 1- 4

Richtlinie VDI 2552 „Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Die Richtlinienreihe VDI 2552 „Building Information Modeling (BIM)“ stellt den nationalen Standpunkt in den internationalen BIM-Standardisierungsaktivitäten dar. Der VDI-Koordinierungskreis BIM hat in Zusammenarbeit mit dem für die Spiegelung der deutschen Aktivitäten in den internationalen Standardisierungsgremien zuständigen DIN-Ausschuss eine Übersicht zu den nationalen und internationalen Ausschüssen erarbeitet. Ziel ist es, dass die Inhalte abgestimmt werden, um so bei den teilweise parallel arbeitenden Gremien ein widerspruchsfreies Normenwerk zu ermöglichen. Hierzu gibt es personelle Überschneidungen in den auf unterschiedlichen Ebenen arbeitenden Gremien.

09. DYNAMomomo

What about DYNAMO November 2016
First free DYNAMO bridge in Germany after Trump / inspired by Zach Kron

Am 06.06.2014 veröffentlicht
Setting out geometry for a fancy pedestrian bridge from scratch in Dynamo. I will follow this up with clothing this in Revit structural framing, and flexing.

08. The end

The end of SINGLe MONITORING announced in August 2016 / mission accomplished in R2019
Unbelieveable, yesterday we received the message from the end of the dark days of singlemonitorcadworking; Dual Monitor support for Revit

Revit 2019 Dual Monitor Support
This was on the top of a lot of people’s “Wish List” for Revit over the years. Yes, Revit 2019 now has dual monitor support!
Always keep in mind that Revit is not backwards compatible. This means that most companies would prudently not start projects on Revit 2019 until at least the first service pack has been released. Rightly so, I might add, as Revit 2018 was pretty unstable out of the box, and only started behaving properly after the first service pack.
The views are now arranged as tabs at the top of the single screen

07. Collaboration

Collaboration Motivation
inspired by Lola Carbajal ( AUGI 201508 )

It’s like being in a tsunami… the collaborative environment has arrived in our offices and suddenly we have several tools to make our job efficient and successful.  While the tools are very good and easy to manage, the change is not easy at all.
We are going to see in this article how Autodesk® Revit® Structure and its users work in this type of environment.