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What about RETRIEVER September 2018
SFDUG Dec 2017 
ensuring health and compliance of your Revit model

15. Cloud in TroubLes

A360 June 2018
cloud in trouble inspired by
Interesting to see that many BIM360 services are offline right now (approx 10am Australian time, 1 June 2018):

A360-10am Australian time, 1 June 2018You can always check Autodesk online service health at this link:
Autodesk Health Dashboard

It is something to think about as we move forward with reliance on cloud services – how important is 100% uptime with collaboration cloud products in the BIM world? Is 100% uptime even possible with current technology services, and the stacks (like Autodesk cloud) that rely on other stacks (like AWS cloud)?

14. Family converter

Family Convert November 2017
KCONVERT by Karam Baki

In this topic, I will be addressing some amazing functionalities that can be done with the Revit families.Changing the hosts of Revit families without having to re-create them, and keeping all the parameters working perfectly,It’s like adding super powers to a family!

Now, here’s the thing.
When it comes to situations where you need to convert a family from (Wall, Ceiling, Roof) -based into something like Face -based family,You either re-create that family, OR
You use the Copy/Monitor trick (a bit tedious) and may cause some problems as the following family broke due it’s high complexity and relations with the host:

13. BCF

BCFier  August 2017
free Plugin for Revit inspired by teocomi

Free and Open Source BCFier – Create and Open BCF Files in Revit
From the BCFier website…
BCFier is an Open Source BCF client developed to help you deliver better buildings.
Like IFC is the open standard for Building Information models, BCF (also developed by buildingSMART) is the open standard for Building Issues. BCFier is a set of plugins and standalone apps that handle BCF and integrate directly with BIM tools.

12. Best PC for REVIT

What’s the best PC for R? June 2017
The truth about chips by Ryan Lenihan

Last month, AUGI magazine ran an article titled What is The Best Computer for Revit, although the article goes into what management, the ‘superstar’ and the user requires, to be frank some of the advice within was absolutely terrible. The final paragraph states:



11. Google Drive as REVIT SERVER

Google Drive as RS? March 2017
Revit Server easily-feel free / inspired by

Looking for an affordable alternative to Revit Server? You might just be in luck.

I published a post recently talking about the process for using Google Drive as a Revit Server. It was a somewhat crude method, but it got the job done.However, there might be a more effective method just yet. Jeffrey Pinheiro put together a post recently outlining the methods he and his team implemented for creating a $300 Revit Server to host workshared Revit files in a multi-location setup. This seems like a great solution, and the best part? It’s totally affordable.

If you are looking for creative solutions to multi-location collaboration, I think this is a really great place to start.
Happy Revit-eering.